2019 Brochure

When it came time to revise our website, we were relentless with the mantra of Less is More. We wanted a fresh design with plenty of white space. Big splashy images partnered with short relevant text. Timely (and timeless) imagery partnered with content constantly being updated to the most accurate of information. This was no easy feat, considering we have fifteen years of content!

The dilemma with a Less is More directive is, what if you want more of more? What if you want to know the why’s behind a project, or what we consider a specialty? Or to hear our thoughts on the Future of Design? How about our process, and how our team functions?

We tasked the amazing and talented team at Analog to partner the yin with yang; the short story content of our website with a beautiful in-depth Brochure that’s easily downloadable. With the brochure, the content and imagery were to give an emotive feel to the pages, to allow the viewer to get a sense of who we are, what we believe in, and what our culture is.

Analog partnered with writer Sandra O’Connell to deliver a wonderful tale of who we are, what we do, and how we think. The result is an annual editorial journal style product that partners beautiful writing with a strong yet peaceful composition, all with a good dose of white space to keep the flow clean. Keeping it digital allows less waste and an easily downloadable format (hey it’s a digitized world, we just live in it), but keeps it in a dual page spread format for a more relevant flow.

It’s been fifteen years in the making. And we are excited to continue the journey with you.

The beautiful cover of our 2019 Brochure

The beautiful cover of our 2019 Brochure