Moving On


Moving is a time of reflection. Of transition. A time to examine growth, and how times have changed. Some memories are rough around the edges, but we are fortunate to have many that are looked back on with fondness.

As we packed up our office, we came across old newspaper articles. Old portfolios, printed pieces of paper slotted neatly in to plastic sleeves, all prepared chronologically in a beautiful Paperhaus Aluminum book. We stumbled on old contacts on cards, booklets of years and years of notes. There were printed photos of staff days, thank you cards from great memories. What a wonderful gift touring through hard copy memories.

While it felt like the end of an era, it also brought on waves of pride, of cautious optimism for the future. Of excitement for things to come. Of looking forward to new ways of working in teams, of flexibility of space, and mostly, of the new opportunities we will have to truly work as a cohesive team built on unique personalities, all sharing the same passion for design.

We can’t wait to share our new studio with you. We just ask you to share our impatient patience…for just a little longer!

Ada Bonini