Our Process Unfolds in a Precise, Defined, Yet Still Organic Way.


1 - Programming
Analyze needs: at this stage, we ask you lots (and we mean lots) of questions. We are
designing a space for you; the more we know, the better it will work.

Examine the space allocated and/or base drawings created: We get deep into the character of
the space, taking the time to get a real feel for it.

Explore budget: Finanacial parameters exert pressure on every decision. We don't think about
any step without considering costs.

Meet the project team: We align your goals with the team goals to give us the most information.

Schematic Design

2 - Schematic Design
Conceptualize: At this stage, we open our minds - and then start to narrow the options down.

Propose conceptual direction: Once we've distilled a direction, we polish, refine, and present
our initial concept.

Design Development

3 - Design Development
Select materials, furnishings, fixtures and fittings for the aesthetic that we feel will be right to meet your needs.

Plan for each area of the environment carefully.

Coordinate with other consultants to ensure every detail is aligned.

Contract Documentation

4 - Contract Documentation
Prepare schedules, specifications, drawing documentation and detailing.

Aid with contractual communications (such as RFIs, addendums).

Contract Administration

5 - Contract Administration
Site reviews, site instructions, change orders, and general instructions during the
process of construction.

Review alternates with the project team.

Furnishings Procurement

6 - Furnishings Procurement
Full procurement of furnishings, whether it be specification of items for purchase by others or
full supply and installation of goods in turn key condition.

Contract Close Out

7 - Contract Close Out
Prepare record documentation, compile manuals.

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