Meet our Designers
Kasia Chamberlain

Meet our Designers<br>Kasia Chamberlain

Which completed project are you most proud of?


The project I am most proud of is the Brentwood Sales Office and Towers. The client really wanted to make a statement in the marketplace with this sales centre’s size and level of finishings. This allowed us to be very creative in how the space was divided up, how we treated the ceilings and we really focused on how the buyer would experience the space as a whole. I poured my heart and soul into this project, agonized over every detail and got excited about the decisions we made. The final project became a showstopper thanks to our great team of creative and talented consultants. As icing on the cake, the project was recognized with an Award of Excellence, which is a huge honor.


You fell in love with design when?


I knew very early on that I was more of a creative type. I come from a family of architects and avid travellers. From the time I was young, my parents took us on road trips across Europe exposing us to different types of architecture, history and culture. I fell in love with the cities and buildings and had a burning desire to be part of making things beautiful.


Are there any myths about your job that you’d like to bust?


One myth I would like to bust is that all designer homes must be beautiful! If only that was the case. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the great budgets and endless time to source beautiful pieces for ourselves. The profession of interior design is not a high paying career, you do it because you love design, the people you work with and what you do. Plus, as a designer you’re always looking at the newest and greatest products and designs; it’s very hard to decide on one thing and not want to change your mind endlessly.


What are some things you enjoy doing outside the office?


Outside the office I’m an avid sports person. My father was educated in a sports academy and passed on his love and enthusiasm for sports onto me and my brother. I enjoy swimming competitively, skiing scary slopes, setting volleys on the beach, scrimmaging on the basketball courts, rollerblading around the seawall and paddle boarding on calm waters. You name the sport and I love to do it.  My other great love outside the office is my family. Spending time with my husband, Patrick, and children Malina and Lukas is what makes me the happiest and most fulfilled. And do they ever make me laugh!

Posted on January 16, 2018

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